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Your Age Spouse's Age

Retirement Accounts
Retiree Spouse
Tax-deferred Account Current Balance $000
Tax-deferred Account Maximum Annual Contribution $000
Tax-deferred Account Minimum Balance $000

Roth IRA Current Balance $000
Roth IRA Maximum Annual Contribution $000
Roth IRA Minimum Balance $000

After-tax Account Current Balance $000
Maximum Annual Contribution of All Types $000
After-tax Account Minimum Balance $000

Illiquid Assets - Home, Business, Property
Home Other
Asset Value $000
Cost Basis - Price Originally Paid, for Tax Purposes. $000
Mortgage or Loan - Unpaid principle balance. $000
Age to Sell - Convert illiquid asset to liquid asset. Age

Reverse Mortgage
Age to Start Reverse Mortgage Distribution Age
Lifetime Income Plan Annual Payments $000
Lump Sum Distribution $000

Annual Retirement Income
Retiree Spouse
Social Security Benefits at Full Retirement Age $000
Age to Begin Social Security (Claim and Suspend Option) Age
Social Security Disability Insurance (Not Applicable)

Pension and Other Income, Adjusted for Inflation

Pension and Other Income, not Adjusted for Inflation $000
Age to Begin Pension (Retirement Age) Age
Pension Survivors Benefit (None) %

Earned Income - Part time and Otherwise $000
Age to End Earned Income - After Retirement Age. Age

Retirement Plans
Retiree Spouse
Anticipated Retirement Ages (65) Age
Life Expectancy (92) Age
Amount of Desired Estate in current dollars ($10,000) $000
Retirement Spending Plan
Enable Tax-deferred to Roth IRA Conversions. Check to Enable
Obamacare Cliff Cap taxable income before Medicare. Check to Apply

Glide Path
Tax-def RothAfter-tax
At Retirement. % of Savings Invested in Stocks (100%)
Plan End % of Savings Invested in Stocks (100%)
Stock Investments Annual Return (6%) %
Fixed Income Yields (3%) %

Income Spending
Inflation Rate (2.5%) %

After-tax Account Estimated Federal Tax Rate (15%) %
Current Marginal Federal Income Tax Level (15%) %
Current Marginal State Income Tax Level %
Retirement State Income Tax Deductions & Exemptions $000
Retirement State Income Tax Rate: %
Social Security Exemption From State Income Taxes. (Taxed) $000
Pension Income Exemption From State Income Taxes. (Taxed) $000

Scenario Description:

Monte Carlo Risk Assessment.

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