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Every field on this form represents an issue that may affect your retirement finances.
Take your time; give each some thought.

Click on parameter titles for help.
(Default values in parentheses.)

Your Age Spouse's Age

Retirement Accounts
Retiree Spouse
Tax-deferred Account Initial Balance $000
Tax-deferred Account Maximum Annual Contribution $000

Roth IRA Initial Balance $000
Roth IRA Maximum Annual Contribution $000
Roth IRA Minimum Balance $000

After-tax Account Initial Balance $000
After-tax Assets Cost Basis $000
Maximum Annual Contribution of All Types $000
After-tax Account Minimum Balance $000

Minimum Estate in current dollars (No Estate) $000

Illiquid Assets
Home Other
Asset Value $000
Cost Basis - Originally Cost, for Tax Purposes. $000
Age to Sell - Convert illiquid asset to liquid asset. Age
Mortgage or Loan - Principle balance due at sale. $000

Reverse Mortgage
Age to Start Reverse Mortgage Distribution Age
Lifetime Income Plan Annual Payments $000
Lump Sum Distribution $000

Annual Retirement Income
Retiree Spouse
Social Security Benefits at Full Retirement Age $000
Age to Begin Social Security (ORP's Choice) Age
Social Security Disability Insurance (Not Applicable)

Pension and Other Income, Indexed to Inflation $000
Pension and Other Income, not Indexed to Inflation $000
Pension Beginning Age (Retirement Age) Age
Pension Survivors Benefit (None) %

Earned Income - Part time and Otherwise $000
Earned Income Ending Age Age

Annuity Annual Distribution (No Annuity) $000
Annuity Funding from the IRA (Not Applicable) $000
Age to Begin Annuity (Immediate Annuity) Age

Tontine Dividend (No Tontine) $000
Tontine Funding from the IRA (No Transfer) $000

Affordable Care Act - PTC (Not Applicable) $000
ACA Taxable Income Limit (Not Applicable) $000

Retirement Plans
Retiree Spouse
Retirement Ages (65) Age
Planning Horizon (92) Age
Maximum Spending in current dollars (No Maximum) $000
Retirement Spending Plan
IRA to Roth IRA Partial Conversion Cap (ORP's Choice) $000

Glide Path (Introduction)
Tax-deferred RothAfter-tax
At Retirement. % Invested in Stocks (100%)
Plan End % Invested in Stocks (100%)

Stock Investments Rate of Return (6%)
Fixed Income % Yield (3%)

Income Spending
Inflation Rate (2.5%) %

After-tax Account Estimated Federal Tax Rate (15%) %

Current Marginal Federal Income Tax Level (15%) %
Current Marginal State Income Tax Level %

Retirement State Income Tax Deductions & Exemptions $000
Retirement State Income Tax Rate: %

Social Security Exemption From State Income Taxes. (Taxed) $000
Pension Income Exemption From State Income Taxes. (Taxed) $000

Extraordinary Non Recurring Events

Scenario Description:

Monte Carlo Risk Assessment.

Save Parameters QUESTIONS?

According to the article on page 17 of

ORP can increase your disposable income by 3% or more.
Annual income from your one million dollar IRA is $48,000.
That 3% gives you a $1,400 annual kick.
1% of $1,400 is $14
Is that too much for you to help keep ORP healthy?

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A new white paper about
IRA to Roth IRA conversions
is posted on the ORP site.
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