Terms and Conditions for Using ORP

The Optimal Retirement Planner (ORP) is available to anyone with browser access to the Internet. There is no monetary charge nor registration requirement for using ORP to do your personal retirement planning.

Use of ORP is an explicit statement of your acceptance of ORP's Terms and Conditions.

  1. If you encounter any ORP results that you feel are incorrect you will report the Model ID of your run and the specifics of what you feel is wrong to the email address of orplanner@gmail.com.
  2. You will refrain from posting your observations about your disagreement with ORP's results on any social media until after you have notified orplanner@mail.com.

ORP's Extended Input Form has 110 different parameters that you may use to model your particular situation to ORP. To do even limited testing of ORP for every release would be daunting. Thus it is the case that every use ORP is in some sense a validating run of ORP; quality assurance if you will.

Thus, by making a run with ORP you are accepting user terms and conditions and responsibility for reporting all anomalies to ORP. ORP's survival depends on its ability to maintain credibility in the eyes of its users. Your feedback about anomalies and enhancement suggestions is a critical factor.

Just because there is no financial charge for using ORP does not mean that use of ORP is free. User detection and reporting of anomalies is a vital part of the process.


Your personal data, entered as part of making an optimization, is not associated with your person identification at any time, is retained in ORP's archive for 3 days, and then purged. Your data is not redistributed in any form to any third party.

ORP is not affiliated with any retail financial firm of any type.

Last Update: May 22, 2018

Please send us your comments at orplanner@gmail.com.